Latest News

Latest News

Site survey done by VOICE team Technical proposal submitted to Railways.

5G Proof of Concept Mathura, Palwal section Indian Railways.

My proposals as Director General VoICE to Government. If Indian 4G is replacing Chinese 4G from USA and 5G pilot projects in Consortium mode are taken up in USA and Europe it will lead to success of PM's vision of India being global leader in 5G and 6G

Congratulations to Lekha, Signaltron, Resonous, Sookhta and CDOT on signing of Consortium agreements. Success of Indian 4G and 5G stacks beyond the country's frontiers will now surely happen. Showcasing as a team in G20 event in Consortium mode will be first challenge before us.

Secretary Telecom retired on 31st July 2023. VoICE momento appreciating excellent work done by him in farewell function.