AIMS And Objects Of The Society

AIMS And Objects Of The Society

a) AIM of the Society

AIM “AtmaNirbharta in Communication Technologies” Fostering the development of Indian Digital Communications Technology (DCT) ecosystem through consolidated efforts of homegrown enterprises with enhanced facilitation for Start-ups/ Small and Medium Enterprises (SSMEs).

b) Objectives of the Society

  • Foster R&D culture and encourage design ownership
  • Enable the development, commercialization and deployment of Indian Digital Communications Technology (DCT) products
  • Facilitate creation, promotion, protection & monetization of Indian Intellectual Property(IP) / Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) with the support from Government, disclosing and licensing of of IPs/SEPs and on FRAND terms
  • Explore collaborative opportunities with the Government and its R&D institutions, laboratories for product development & commercialization including encouraging the co-creation and of joint development of IP.
  • Pro-actively participate in various consultative processes (including PPP-MII) by concerned ministries/departments on policy decisions, regulations and also to assist all concerned authorities through provision of requisite industry information to enable formulation of suitable policies and regulations.
  • Make policy interventions on various schemes/decisions/initiatives, as and when deemed necessary to take forward the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Flag the issues/grievances of membership to the concerned ministries/ departments/ forums.
  • Share of information on Products/Solutions, R&D roadmaps amongst Members and with governments and further Exploring collaborative opportunities to develop end to end integrated solutions.
  • Promote Design led local manufacturing and encourage procurement of locally designed & manufactured components/subsystems
  • Enable Market access for Indian products/solutions and identification of commercial market and strategic market (critical infrastructure) requirements Eg: Tactical communication systems, PPDR network etc.
  • Give special emphasis to Cyber Security in telecom products through enhanced security by indigenous design control where IPRs and design ownership reside within India.
  • Seek Industry and Government support to facilitate the development of Local Testing & Certification Ecosystem for hardening of indigenous products/solutions and also to meet the National/ International standards through financial and infrastructure support.
  • Support Field trials/ pilots for technology demonstrations especially through Universal Services Obligations Funds (USOF) and the USOF pilot project schemes.
  • Organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objects of the Society and to compile, collate, edit and publish technical reports and papers related to the objects of the Society.
  • Enter any arrangement with Government (s), international bodes or authorities to forward and strengthen the objects of the Society.
  • Provide a platform for participation of all domestic market players, experts, financial market intermediaries and other stakeholders for identifying issues, potential failure risks and areas for development in the local DCT ecosystem.
  • Proactively participate in Standardization activities in collaboration with TSDSI/TEC /BIS/DoT etc. and to continuously improve the competitiveness of the Member Ecosystem to develop world class telecom infrastructure and deliver the benefits of affordable digital services to national and international markets to achieve the SDGs.
  • Identify and support the needs of skill development in the DCT ecosystem.
  • Collaborate with academia, Centre of Excellences, test beds, State gov departments & institutions and certification labs etc. for the Member Ecosystem
  • Create a hub for exchange of ideas and co-creation of technologies and solutions with Indian expertise, and act as a virtual system integrator for orchestrating end to end solutions
  • Facilitate the mechanisms that assure market access for the members in certain key technology areas and critical infrastructure domains with the purpose to incubate local design, content and selfreliance
  • Actively pursue the use of Indian Digital Communication Technology/ Products/ Solutions by Indian Communications Service Providers
  • Continuously strive towards improving the standards and competitiveness of the Member Ecosystem and to attain the status of the world class infrastructure and deliver the benefits of affordable services to national and international markets.
  • Identify the needs of skill development in the Member Ecosystem including taking steps to prepare catalogue of types of skills, range and depth of skills to facilitate choice to individuals.
  • Determine and catalogue the existing IP, products, solutions, services, skills, competencies etc within member companies, establish standards compliance and qualifications by members as per national and international standards/ norms/ testing, endorse companies which have the requisite capabilities to ease and assist competent selection of companies and their products/ solutions/ services in government and non-government tenders and RFPs
  • To facilitate in standardizing the affiliation and accreditation process for the Member Ecosystem, facilitate setting up a robust and stringent certification and accreditation process for the Member Ecosystem to ensure consistency and acceptability of standards.

To become a member of any association, as may be required, for skill development in the Member Ecosystem